Saturday, September 25, 2021

WAW is a non-profit Organisation that stands for “WE ARE WOMEN”.

The Organisation is an online platform for the celebration of working mothers worldwide.
Maria Hameed, the Founder of this organisation, is a working mother who noticed the serious lack of support for women when returning to work after giving birth.

Upon her return to work after maternity leave, she felt feelings of being alone, guilty, sad and anxious and really felt like everyone thought she was being ridiculous when she expressed that she missed her baby when she was at work. It felt like no one would quite understand!

So, Maria wanted to create a space where like-minded women can support one another and offer advice and encouragement to each other during and before the dreaded “return to work” after mat leave.

She hopes that this platform will create an online space where working mothers can turn to and feel reassured, that they are not alone in this feat – as certainly leaving your new child and going back to work can be a very emotional experience, not to mention the hundreds of questions and approaches surrounding child care / nannies and nurseries!

WAW will serve a purpose – that no matter how alone, scared and sceptic you feel about going back to work after your baby, there are many others who are also going through the same feelings and hopefully, together we can unite and make this journey a lot less stressful.

Incorporated into the site is are facilities to assist in the process: we have a “mum finder” so mums can meet up locally, as well as search for a list of local child minders in local areas.

So, join our online community where we will have online articles, forums and blogs, discussions and topics that aim to support the mother looking to return to her work after having a baby.